BVB: Erling Haaland dreams of farm, cows and tractors

Borussia Dortmund’s Topstar Erling Haaland sees itself in 20 years on its own small farm, very idyllic between cows and tractors.

“I have no cows, but I’ll definitely possess what,” said the 21-year-old in a _espn_interview: “I think I’ll have a small farm when I finished my career in Bryne, I do not know yet Where, but I will surround me with some animals. “

He is still the “very quiet guy from Bryne” in southwestern Norway, Haaland said. “I’m a bit crazy sometimes, but I like to rest. I am a very locked person.” His perfect day looks like this: “Wake up without alarm clock, a good breakfast – and then relax all day in the sun and relax.”

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With all the love of football, it is extremely important anyway to turn off the head. “Otherwise, you’re burning,” Haaland said, “because it’s not easy to be a footballer, it means high pressure.” So he does many things to get mentally blending: “One is to be on a courtyard to drive a tractor or feed cows.”

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