Star Wars Eclipse: Rumor: Open World with Action

The rumor kitchen is currently thoroughly! The beginning makes Star Wars Eclipse today. This should be leaked that the game should offer a completely open world with traditional action struggles.

As inspiration sources, The Last of US Part 2 for the Story and Star Wars Jedi: The Fallen Order have served. The game seems to have some competitive multiplayer elements (which has already been mentioned in earlier leaks) and will have more playable characters than all previous quantic dream games.

The following unofficial information has been published:

  • Star Wars Eclipse appears for PlayStation, Xbox and PC
  • Action Adventure
  • Based on interactive storytelling
  • Open world
  • Quantic Dream Montreal works on multiplayer, gameplay and level design aspects
  • Traditional Action Gameplay (Jedi fall or similar fights to have an example)
  • A mix of story and gameplay (The Last of Us served as inspiration)
  • Quantic Dream Montreal works on gameplay prototypes
  • You have difficulty setting employees
  • The development of this game is complicated
  • Many engine features had to be added / changed / expanded
  • More playable characters than any other QD game
  • Non-linear storyline
  • The story is still written
  • Quantic Dream Paris works at Cinematics, Story, Level Art, Engine…

Star Wars Eclipse – Official Cinematic Reveal Trailer
* Multiplayer elements (competitive)
* Very (very) ambitious and original project
* Development start beginning 2021
* Not the entire Parisian Studio works on Star Wars Eclipse

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