Pokemon legends Arceus survey: with which starter

Young Pokémon trainers have a new task from 28 January. Because even in Pokémon legends: Areas Let’s start again as many of the small pocket monsters to catch and compete with them against the Pokémon of other trainers. All this happens in the previously open areas, which each offered a game of the series and promises many new adventures.

What is the BEST Starter Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus?!

Baez, Rigel or Ontario?

As in most other Pokémon games, Areas introduces you at the beginning of the choice, with which starter you want to get started. You must decide between the leaf-wing Pokémon Baez, the Feuermaus-Pokémon Figurines and Ontario, an Otter-Pokémon.

And we want to tell us your decision in our survey: For which starter Pokémon you decide you? Make and right away!

Of course, you can also explain to your decision and / or your criteria in the comments. For example, if you choose to look like look or after the attacks of pocket monsters? By the way, anyone needs help with the choice can be found in our Starter Guide . Anyway, we are looking forward to your answers. More about the qualities of the game you will learn in our big test Pokémon legends: Areas .

We thank you now for your participation!

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