NBA News: Blazers-Star Damian Lillard wants to let her return to OP time

Blazers star Damian Lillard has first talked to the media for the first time after his abdominal muscle op with the media, to let his return to the playing field. This is also related to the fact that Portland must think a disappointing season games and Lillard all the more to think of his future.

Lillard explained that he feels good, but there is no hurry, which is concerned with a comeback. Lastly, the Guard was on the basis of 1 January at the defeat at the Lakers in the field before deciding on long-lasting problems in the abdominal muscle area for surgery. The procedure was finally made on 13 January.

A precise forecast for a comeback is not yet possible at the present time. We agreed that we are looking at the situation in six to eight weeks and then talk about the further procedure, says the 31-year-old. The injury had been causing him issues since 2015 and became worse. True Holiday finally convinced him in the Olympic Games in Tokyo that an OP is inevitable in the long run.

He was the first person who confirmed that. When I left a day in training, because I could not move, he described me every single one of my symptoms. And I said, ‘I have everything.’ Holiday Lied in the 2018/19 season under similar issues that engaged.

Lillard: Number One Goal Profit of a Championship

As Lillard confirmed, the complaints had reached a point where my body could no longer implement what my mind actually intended. At a certain point you have to make a decision that is the right thing in the long run and not for the moment
Since the Blazers currently stand up with a record of 19-26 only in ten of the Western Conference and even need to bake the play-in-tournament, the question arises as to what extent returns in the current season for Lillard gives sense. My number one goal is the profit of a championship. In order to make it possible, I have to be in the best possible form, he said.

In addition, Lillard clearly did not want to overstock his return, when we play for a draft pick, I can not do that. Should the Blazers decide for tanking over the course of the season, would not sense to play for me.

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Lillard was used 29 times in the previous season and averaged 24.0 points and 7.3 assists per game (40.2 percent from the field, 32.2 percent threesome). There are the weakest quotas for the 31-year-old in its entire career. By 2025 he is still bound to the Blazers, in the season 2024/25 he earns $48.8 million. In recent months, in addition to a trade (which Lillard himself denied) was also speculated about a contract extension.

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