Everything new in New World? Developer give outlook on upcoming updates

The players of the MMOs New World continue to wait spell on the release of the January update. After all, they expect some important changes such as the expedition funerals. So far, there is no concrete release date, but The developers of Amazon Game Studios provide a detailed view of the next update and the time afterwards.

January update in New World

As part of a detailed video, Game Director Scot Lane reported to the closer future of New World. Together with some of his colleagues he also went to the January update and its innovations. Among other things, the team explained that mutations may also be introduced for expeditions in the low-level area , but there would be some difficulties to be eliminated in this regard.

Incidentally, Scot Lane and his colleagues did not want to set up a concrete release date for the January update of New World (Buy Now €39.99). However, the team explained that normally between two and two and a half weeks between the start on the PTR server and the launch go to the live servers. Accordingly, the update should probably appear over the next week.


Are there already information on the February update in New World?

In the developer round, there were also some details of the February update from New World . Although the team held back with more accurate information. However, especially with changes and adjustments to balancing the weapons, the developers are currently setting a great value.

Apart from that, there will be a variety of bug fixes because Amazon Game Studios would like to focus on eliminating as many mistakes as possible in the next few weeks to optimize the general gaming experience. But even for this there is no concrete release date.

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