Civilization Resource Management Sim “Hypernowing Kingdom” to Nintendo Switch / Steam to February 3rd release. Grow the world with a limited number of years

Chorus Worldwide Indie Game Label Waku Games announced January 20 that Hundred A hundred years will be released on February 3rd. The corresponding platform is Nintendo Switch / PC (Steam). Price is tax-included 1500 yen. STEAM also launches soundtracks and art books.

Hundred-year-old kingdom is a turn system cultivation simulation game that brings civilization to the world for 100 years. There are some worlds without civilization in the stage of this work. Players cooperate with the maiden of the craft and develop the world as the creators of the world. Developing civilizations during 100 years is the purpose of two.

In the world where the creative player started action, the land of unexplored land has spread. The player will first develop the world and grow the world together with the maiden of the collapse. If you build a building in a land that is not built and improve existing facilities, and promote architecture in exchange for resources, increase the amount of resources for a year. Specifically, if you make a farm in the meadow, 5 for food per year, evolve farms into grassing ground, 5 more food and production per year. Since one year has passed for each architecture, it is repeatedly re-production by 100 actions, and the productivity of the world’s world of vertical and horizontal six squares is enhanced.

There are no threats such as barbaric attacks and a nuclear attack by Gandhi. A better growth strategy is required, such as where to build a resource. Also, after 100 years have passed, something seems to be waiting.

As an element, a five-man shrug to appear in this work. The maids bearing the goddess’s name have different facilities that have their own capabilities and can be constructed. In the early stages, the shrine maiden is limited, but if you replay a circle, the new maiden is released. After play, experience points can be acquired, and when the level of maiden rises, the world will be easier to grow, such as the amount of resources. Also, the world that grows also provides several worlds, including the world and the world of mountainous areas.

This work is a paid version that powered up based on the free game Taken. The original free gaming version Hundred-year Kingdom was produced by the Nonchi and published in 2017. Feel! Then, we won high rating from players, such as ranking 9th in the 2018 download number ranking. According to the announcement in the Indie Collection Japan 6 broadcast, it seems that a paid version has been produced in the form of answering the voice that you want to see the powered up.

Specifically, the production tool changes from RPG Zukor MV to Unity. Illustration / increase in the number of universes, the number of worlds, and the upper limit of the maiden has been changed to 10 to 100. The balance side is also reviewed, and it seems that various methods are improved from a game that built a lot of heritages. Also, on Twitter, some setup materials are also available on Twitter.

Hundred-year kingdom plans to release on February 3 for Nintendo Switch / PC (Steam). The regular price is 1500 yen. The demo version that can play for about 20 years from Steam! The free game version can be downloaded from.

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