In the Xbox Game Pass a game appears today, in which I sunk 500 hours

In January, there are 13 games fresh in the Xbox Game Pass. Among them with the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition a real chunk and with Rainbow Six Extraction a promising co-op game, which appears in time for the release in a few days.

But before it goes to the Alienate, today’s Thursday next to the coop shooter The Analysis with Spunky 2 one of the for us, but also according to international reviews best games from 2020 in the service, which we get here in the article again want to introduce more detailed.

That’s Spunky 2

  • Genre: 2D roguelike
  • Modes: single player and multiplayer
  • Release: 15.09.2020

That’s why it works: As already the predecessor for the Roguelike scene, Spunky 2 relies on procedurally generated levels and perma-Death. As a small speller you fight in Jump & Runnier from top to bottom through quite small levels, which are usually mastered in two to three minutes. On your way down your gold collects, which will be swapped in shops against useful items.

They will urgently need them. The game of developer Derek You is a real chunk and only for those among you who bring a big frustration resistance. In the individual Level, not only all sorts of enemies, against which you are equipped with whip, firearms and bombs. Due to numerous falls, death is truly every corner of the game.

Here you can make an optical impression of the game:

Why I sunk in Spunky 2 for 500 hours

Dennis Michel: But a big challenge is only frustrating if the game fun does not use, the motivation is missing. And that will let you say about the longtime Rogue lite or Roguelike fan: Spunky 2 also feels what the gameplay is inherited again incredibly well. Every hope sits, in every passage you get to know the dangers better, learns new tricks to fight them past the monsters, discovered new secretaries and much others.

In many other games, I need obvious, permanent rewards to stay motivated in the long term. In Spunky 2, it is enough for me that I always learn new things, get continuously better and deeper into the earth’s grave. Even the small levels help me to reward after a few minutes, that feeling has something to have achieved.

And what I’ll tell you now, please do not tell you now: Since release, the Daily Challenge packs me once a day, in which I have to come as far as possible. This has led to Spunky 2 with so far 500h playing time to The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth my two mostly played game is at all. What fascinates me on the Roguelike, I wrote in the Gamer test you can read here:

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Xbox Game Pass in January 2022

Which plays all monthly in the Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S land, we always reveal you in an article that is updated after each further announcement. What awaits you at fresh game food in January 2022 can be found under the link.

Do not you know so well with the Xbox service , you will find our summary articles together with all important information.

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