Legends Pokemon: Arceus teaches a new gameplay with scenarios, biomes, mechanics and combats

Although many grew up next to the adventures of Pokémon , Nintendo aims to surprise us even more with Pokémon legends: Areas. A delivery that is intended to serve as a renewal of everything we have seen so far in the franchise, although without losing the characteristic essence of the games. As we have seen recently in a brief trailer, the game will be loaded with news . But Nintendo has also taken advantage of to clarify his game system with a quite complete .

The Gameplay also shows missions, devices and the main village in this video, with a duration of more than 13 minutes , we can see how things work in the HIS UI region. Here there are no Pokémon coaches or the iconic League of La Saga, because it takes much wilderness with the possibility of catching creatures in full nature. As observed in the gameplay, pocket monsters will have different temperaments in their habitats, because some will notice our presence and choose to ignore ourselves, others will prefer to flee disastrous and there will be some to attack without lookouts.


As expected, here is not missing the Pokémon Combats . We can start a battle by throwing a Poke Ball when the wild creature is alert, which will begin the choice of movements we already know. Here, we can follow two different styles of attack: strong style or the agile style, being possible to get bonuses using any of the two options.

The Gameplay also leaves space to other relevant aspects in the adventure as Villa Jubilee , where we reside and studied the Pokémon, the use of ARC Phone , a useful device for our research, Missions , requests and more. Added to all this, an extract of the battle against a noble Pokémon , the main creatures of this delivery is also taught. For unknown reasons, they have been very altered and hostile, so our goal is to calm them in a dynamic combat .

All this information expands the data we have seen so far, because the game has already highlighted numerous occasions by its mechanics, their characters or the main clans of adventure. Of course, everything points to Nintendo will launch the Pokémon delivery more particular So far, and in 3DGames we have theorized about the evolution of the franchise based on legends Pokémon: Areas, available in Nintendo Switch the next 28 from January.

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