Gaming with the tongue: soon your Ingame should

Just stretch out the tongue and taste as well as the spider eggs in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim could taste. Well, would that be something? A professor on the Meiji University has thought of all gourmets — and developed a screen with which you can taste the seen.

Likable screen brings fine flavorings

As the page Reuters reports, he is finally feasible — The tasty screen. There are not many steps to develop the matrix.

About Meiji University
The Japanese Professor Home Mishit on the Meiji University has developed the wonderful piece: the so-called button The TV (TTT) uses a careless of ten taste channels, which spray a hygienic foil with the desired taste. This foil then pushes over the screen, and you can try — but not bite! Subsequently, the film is cleaned again.

At times of Covid-19, Mishit wants to make people easier to stay at home. With the screen you can even try the food in a restaurant on the other side of the world. However, without swallowing it.

The goal is to enable people to taste the food of a restaurant on the other side of the world — even if they stay home.

Furthermore, Mishit assumes that this device might be helpful chefs and professions in the taste industry.

The TTT is currently a pretty chunky device — probably due to the different taste containers — and unfortunately is not yet suitable for everyday use at home. Nevertheless, the question remains: Would you like to taste your video games and movies at all?

Which food (or other things) would you like to taste? Maybe the delicious dishes in Final Fantasy 15? Or rather the dragon bones in Skyrim? Straight horror games you can imagine quite obscure with a taste screen. It would probably be a more unique experience.

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