Rests in peace these 10 mmos and online

2021 surprisingly many MMOs and MMORPGs have been set. We from Mango introduce you to 10 online games that you can no longer play at the latest 2022.

Which games have died in 2021? 2021 Has some well-known names caught again, including MMORPGs who appeared only a few months or years ago. We make these games more accurately and betray what they have failed.

If, on the other hand, if you like to play old and already set MMORPGs, you will find a list of dead MMORPGs that only exist on private reverses.

Who speaks here? Alexander Latch is the MMORPG expert at Mango and has played most of the now set MMOs even. He therefore summarizes special moments from his perspective.

Life is feudal (January 11, 2018 – January 18, 2021)

Genre: Survival MMO | Developer: Bit box | Platforms: PC | Payment model: Buy2play

What was that for a game? The MMO Life is feudal was as a heavy and realistic medieval simulation. You are, as in a survival game, naked and without special skills entered into the game. Over time, however, you have learned the benefits of resources and connects useful tools, weapons and your own home crafts. Even whole cities could be built.

But the grind and the high difficulty were problems:

It took scary long until one had built up something in the game.
It was exposed to constant danger by other teammates and NPC peoples.
Death you lost everything.

On Steam, the game had only 43% positive reviews. Life is feudal was criticized especially that it only appeals to those who have a lot of time to bring a lot of patience and want to play in big guilds.

Alone you could not achieve anything in Life Is Feudal. At least ten players were needed for a guild and only in a large guild was the chance to build something very slowly. You also had to be very frustrated, because everything you have built up for months could be lost in a battle or a raid.

What is it failed? By the high grind and the high difficulty Life Is Feudal could never inspire the masses of players. But the final dagger sequence was probably a legal dispute with a publisher:

With the publisher, a contract was closed in 2016.
However, this company should have made bad work, which is why the developers of bit box then marketed themselves. But a contract with the publisher does not seem to have been given.
After the developers had rejected a renewed deal with the publisher, this should have refused to share their revenue from Life Is Feudal.

The financial pressure should now have led to the shutdown of the game. However, you can continue to play the solo version Life Is Feudal — Your Own. The MMO also continues in China. The publisher appeared to have no influence on the version.

What are the most beautiful memories? Life is feudal was never known for beautiful graphics or varied gameplay. Highlights, however, were building the battles around castles and the fight to horse. Partly larger battles took place with over 100 players, but what has pressed on the performance of the MMOs.

An insight into such battle will give you this video from the YouTuber Sensory San:

There are alternatives or successors? Games similar to the style of Life Is Feudal, there are some. The latest is likely to be Wild Terra 2, which started in January 2021 in the Early Access. Again, survival, sandbox and build and fighting and fortresses are in the foreground.


Anyone who wants to focus on the PVP aspect finds fighting for fortresses also in ESO, Guild Wars 2 and Black Desert.

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