1 FC Cologne A man who is not allowed to leave

The now publicly communicated farewell to Alexander Were as managing director of the 1st FC Cologne GAA does not surprise. The offer from Stuttgart gave the 47-year-old’s appreciation, which he obviously no longer enjoyed the ski sticks. An offer on the extension of his contract for only one year there he refused, instead he intensified the talks with his ex-club CFB.

Were is — whenever he exudes — not contractually, a clause in his working paper allows the retreat before the end of the contract 2023 as soon as the management is paged personally. This now happened to the obligations of Christian Keller (43) and Philipp Doff (45).

With Were the FC leaves a man who is not allowed to leave. Visionary, smart, outstanding in the acquisition of new sponsors and imaginative in the fight of economic crises — Whales merits are undisputed.

That a handful of traditionalists undertook him again and again, he wanted to sell the club, is not durable. There is no resilient statement in this direction. On the contrary, Were again emphasized, the mandate of the confidence — the general meeting — for all binding. Even the sticks, the leading politicians of the city of Cologne between the legs threw in terms of expansion of infrastructure, discontinued Were. He will fight this fight until the last day in Cologne.

Clever Modest Deals

When the fans are cheering today Anthony’s modest, many forgot that Were was it, who first sold the French for just under 30 million euros to China and then back him back on his requests without transfer. That he was insulted when it did not run athletic, he made him just as little as he pushes himself in the foreground.


Were was one of the first in the league, who worked with startups in many areas, which intensified the E-Sport profitably and placed the FC socially, politically and socially as much belonged voice in the city.

He will leave it all. When his time ends exactly in Cologne is unclear. Anyone who changes to the competitor will normally be released immediately. This can not allow the FC. If not much will happen in the upcoming transfers, licensing (until March 15) and the transfer summer must be prepared. Both are difficult with the new: door off may be a top power, worked for companies like SAP and Red Bull. However, the Bundesliga is new territory for him. It is to be expected that colleague Keller shortens his break and not started on 1 April 2023 in Cologne. With a view of the coming season an alternative decision.

With door off there is a spirit on the edge. As a financial boss of the shoe manufacturer Birkenstock, he accompanied his takeover by an American-French investment company in February 2021. So he knows how to get investors on board. He has ahead for Were.

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