Pearl Abyss Black Desert Atorak Zion Additional Party Matching Function

Pearl Abyss (CEO Her Jin-young) added a party matching function for the black desert cooperative dungeon ‘Anorak Zion’ today (23rd).

The Anorak Zion Party matching function helps users who challenge the ‘Anorak Zion’ of ‘normal’ difficulty to form a party smoothly. The dedicated menu makes it possible to match the party faster and easier than before, and it is possible to form a party with other server users.

The new class teaser page, which is scheduled to be released on the Black Desert and Black Desert Mobile, has been opened. The new class is the black desert ‘USA’ and the Black Desert Mobile ‘Mage’ with the concept of ‘twins’. Detailed information on new classes will be released at the Cal peon Conference in December.

The teaser page provides users who have completed the preliminary notification application, ▲ the change of the character name, the blessing of the breathing earth, the first generation of Haiti (pet), and the blessing of fragrant wind.

With updates, various events are held. For the rapid growth of the season server users, the game will be given, the echoes of the cracks, the time-consuming black stone, and the smelting horsepower black st1. On weekends, you can get advice from Talks.

‘Shaka’s Gorgeous Box’ will be held at the Pearl Store until December 7th. By opening a box, you can obtain ▲ various accessories, iron seats, and pensions according to the designated probability.


For more information on the ‘Black Desert’ update and events, please visit the Black Desert official website.

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