Brendan Frer defends the controversial CGI of The Rock in Mummy 2: It is perfect


The sequel to the 2001 mummy, the return of Stephen Summers’s mummy with Brendan Frer a great protagonist, presented us to a character, King Scorpion, who supposed the debut in Dwayne Johnson’s cinema ali The Rock, the famous actor which for years sweeps at the box office with its different blockbusters and that recently premiered Black Adam for DC. Although far from being a pleant debut, the film presented us with a CGI version of the actor that w far from the quality that could be expected from a considerable budget adventure film for the time, taking into account the success of the first part two years before. And many will remember, the digital effects of King Scorpion looked exaggeratedly false, well below the rest of the film. Now, Brendan Frer himself h explained what really happened, ensuring that the CGI w not so bad and that it w perfect.

Brendan Frer gets wet by the digital effects of Mummy 2

This w explained by Brendan Frer to GQ magazine, where he recalled what happened in this subject of the CGI of King Scorpion that h become a meme: I did not meet Dwayne until after the premiere because it w A piece of tape in a stick we were talking about. Of course, then they put CGI. I know, I know. Be friendly! I saw the guys who did the CGI of King Scorpio in the premiere, and they told me, ‘Hey, how are you? We did the CGI of King Scorpion. Yes, we needed more time. It w something lt minute, ‘ says Frer.

On the quality of the CGI, Frer points out: Part of the charm seen now is… I could remter, I suppose, but it would not be so fun if you would not see this idiot video game character played by Dwayne. It is perfect how it works, concludes the actor. In spite of everything, Dwayne Johnson took the leading role in the spin-off the scorpion, now in flesh and blood. Film, however, that he did not stand out in excess and that h been very forgotten in the successful subsequent filmography of the actor.

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