Mobile game ranking premarital… Lineage unclean is broken

[game Moon Young-soo reporter] The domestic mobile game market is ‘premarital’. There is a crack in the ‘Lineage Brothers’ system, which seems to have been eternal, and new works are newly ranked.

According to the game industry on the 6th, ‘Lineage M’ and ‘Lineage W’, which NCsoft serves, reinstated the top sales of Google Play’s highest sales on the 3rd. It has been 9 days since the new support card ‘Kita Black’ update was ranked No. 1 for Kakao Games’ Umamus Me Pretty Derby. Umamusme is currently ranked fifth in sales.

This is not the first time that Lineage has made sales No. 1. Nexon’s ‘Dungeon & Fighter Mobile’, which started domestic service on March 24 this year, pushed Lineage brothers in a week after its launch, ranked No. 1 in Google Play, and developed by Lion Heart Studio and provided by Kakao Games. It has also been ranked No. 1 for long-term sales since its launch last year.

Although Lineage’s brothers have reinstated the summit, they are too early. This is because Nexon and Com2us’s new work starts side by side at the end of August.

Nexon will start the service of ‘Hit 2’, the sequel to ‘Hit’, which was the first sales for the first time. The high expectation is high enough to close in 7 hours and 30 minutes of character preemptive event held on the 28th of last month. In particular, high sales are expected to be provided from the launch stage, ‘siege warfare’, which is the core RVR content.

Com2us will release ‘Summers War: Chronicle’ from the 16th. The game is expected to be visible with MMORPG based on the ‘Summers War: Arena of Heaven’, which recorded 140 million downloads worldwide.

The actions of existing releases are also threatening the lineage brothers. Umamusme, which generated more than 15 billion won on the Kita Black Update, will appear in Korea sequentially in Japan. Odin also announced the siege update, its flagship content in the fourth quarter. Netmarble’s ‘Seven Knights Revolution’, which started domestic service last month, is currently in the fourth place in Google Play’s sales.

Since the launch of Lineage M in June 2017, the domestic mobile game market is not an exaggeration to say that it is a ‘Lineage version’. NCsoft increased Lineage 2m in 2019 and Lineage W in November last year, increasing the Lineage fan base. These three games were squeezed out of each other, but the first place was never given to other games. This flow is changing.

In the game industry, there is a diagnosis of the fatigue and natural aging of the users as the so-called ‘Lineage Likes’ is expressed. In particular, as Umamus Me’s new content, such as the Kita Black, is updated, the ranking may be reversed, so the atmosphere is more effortless in the update.

An official of the industry said, The major market rankings may change according to the update, so it is an atmosphere of the content update. It’s fierce.

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