Valentine Day List, Valentine Week List 2024

Valentine’s Week is a seven-day celebration of love and affection that people all over the world celebrate. It starts on February 7th with Rose Day and reaches its peak on February 14th with Valentine’s Day. Each day of Valentine’s Week has its own importance and gives occasion to express various forms of love and appreciation:

valentine day list

Complete Valentine day list below

Event Date 
Rose Day7 February 2024
Purpose Day8 February 2024
Chocolate Day9 February 2024
Teddy Day10 February 2024
Promise Day 11 February 2024
Hug Day12 February 2024
Kiss Day13 February 2024
Valentine Day14 February 2024

Valentine Week list with more details

Rose Day (February 7):

This is the beginning of Valentine’s week, where lovers exchange roses to symbolize their love. Different colored roses convey different meanings; For example, red roses symbolize love and passion, while yellow roses represent friendship.

Proposal Day (February 8):

On this day, one expresses his feelings and proposes to his beloved. A day filled with touching and romantic gestures as people take bold steps to express their love.

 Chocolate Day (February 9):

Chocolate Day is a sweet occasion where couples exchange chocolates to sweeten their relationship. Chocolate is often associated with love and is considered to have mood-enhancing properties, making it a perfect romantic gift.

Teddy Day (February 10):

Teddy bears are cute and cuddly companions who symbolize warmth and comfort in relationships. On this day, partners have shared teddy bears with each other as a symbol of their love and companionship.

Promise Day (February 11):

Promise Day is a time to make heartfelt commitments and promises to your significant other. Couples pledge to stand by each other by promising loyalty, trust and unwavering support.

 Hug Day (February 12):

A hug is a powerful expression of love and care. On kissing day, couples enjoy the warmth and comfort of each other’s arms. It’s a simple yet meaningful way to communicate love and strengthen relationships.

Kiss Day (February 13):

Kiss Day celebrates intimacy and passion between couples. A day to express love through sweet kisses, be it a slap on the cheek or a passionate kiss.

Valentine’s Week is a time for couples to appreciate their relationship, openly express their love, and celebrate the joys of being together. It’s a reminder to appreciate the special relationships we share with loved ones and to be grateful for those in our lives.

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